Traderock Corporation is your Brand Management & Business Development Partner in the Food & Beverage as well as Beauty & Personal Care Industries.

Traderock Corporation is a dynamic company that continuously impresses distributors and customers by offering the highest level of service and professionalism. We are their first choice as a long-term, high quality service provider as well as a source that provides easy access to the leading brands and their products’ commercial programs. Distributors and customers know that we care about their businesses because we are reliable, responsive, easy to do business with, and we are committed to their growth and success.

Bringing over 20 years of expertise in the food and beverage industry to Latin America, the Caribbean regions and beyond.

Traderock Corporation is a food & beverage export management & consulting firm focused in the areas of strategic planning & partnerships, brand management, business development and distribution. Traderock Corporation also offers professional consulting services in competitive research, corporate partnerships, distribution & market penetration, mergers & acquisitions, pricing analysis & positioning. We are based in South Florida and are active in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, the Caribbean, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Israel, Jordan, Pakistan, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand.

Traderock Beverages, from beer to wine, spirits and more.

Traderock Corporation understands the beverage industry well and we carry the most prestigious brands in beer, wine & spirits to satisfy the needs of our customers worldwide. While we are constantly on the lookout for new brands and products for our beverage division, we welcome your feedback, feel free to request a specific brand or products that you would like to work with and we will assist you in securing the best Export pricing available.

Beauty & Personal Care Brands

Traderock Corporation is proud to present a top-class portfolio of personal care products by Coty, a french originated brand that has been a household name since 1904. Maintaining innovation at the core of our line, we have been able to capture trends sooner, creating brands that speak to the aspirations and lifestyles of today’s customers. Driven by passion, creative freedom, and an entrepreneurial spirit, through our partnership with Coty we offer a unique selection of beauty products that have produced some of the strongest consumer brands in history.