Traderock Corporation is an export management & consulting firm specialized in food & beverage products. Based in South Florida, Traderock conducts business activities in USA, Mexico, Latin America, The Caribbean and other international markets.

Founded in 2000, Traderock focuses in the areas of strategic planning & partnerships, brand management, business development and distribution. Traderock Corporation also offers professional consulting services on:

  • Brand Management
  • Business Development
  • Competitive Research
  • Corporate Partnerships
  • Distribution & Market Penetration
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Pricing Analysis & Positioning

We are proud to work with industry leading brands such as:


Beverage Brands

  • Cerveza Artesanal 8
  • Coco Lopez®
  • DonQRum®
  • Finca Azaya
  • Orvino®
  • Ron Veleiro®
  • Ron Zolez®
  • Valduero®

Food Brands

  • Blue Ox
  • Camaron
  • Coffee House Cafe
  • Copesco-Sefrisa
  • DeCecco®
  • Dutch Farms®
  • Edda’s Cake Company
  • Farm Rich®
  • Fat Boy®

  • Fermin
  • Finca Helechal
  • Flora Foods
  • Fox Deluxe
  • Give & Go®
  • Great Lakes Cheese
  • Guittard®
  • J. Skinner®
  • Jolly Llama®
  • Joseph’s®
  • Kimberly’s Bakery Shoppe™
  • LaBree's
  • Lindy’s Homemade
  • Luke’s Ice Cream
  • Mama Lucia®
  • Maple Donuts
  • Mason St
  • Maya
  • Mr. P's
  • Philly Gourmet®

  • Rembrandt Foods
  • Royal
  • Safe Catch®
  • Satin Fine Foods
  • SeaPak®
  • Southern Fisheries
  • Specialty Bakers
  • Steak-umm
  • The Decorated Cookie Company®
  • The Father's Table®
  • The Worthy Crumb™
  • Three DDD's
  • Trident Seafoods®
  • True
  • two-bite Original®
  • Vie de France®

Who is behind Traderock Corporation?

Jose R. Llop | Managing Director
Jose R. Llop holds a Bachelors degree in Industrial Psychology, a minor in Public Relations, and completed a Finance and Accounting program at The Wharton University. Jose has over 20 years of business management experience in the Food & Beverage Industry and enjoys an excellent reputation. Over the years he has built solid relationships amongst industry colleagues around the world, with expertise in the Latin America & The Caribbean regions. He is passionate about spending time with his family and close friends, enjoys golf, racquetball and the beach. Jose is fluent in Spanish, English and proficient in Portuguese. Connect with Jose via LinkedIn >