Seafood Consumption Study Reveals Opportunities

Virginia Tech’s Department of Food Science and Technology has released research that examines consumer attitudes towards seafood culinary preparation. The work, sponsored by the Seafood Industry Research Fund (SIRF), was used in the development of educational videos that address gaps in consumer knowledge and barriers to purchasing seafood. 

“There are many seafood lovers out there who don’t even know it yet,” said Russ Mentzer, SIRF chairman. “For some, seafood can seem challenging. This research helps identify exact consumer concerns, letting us know where the industry needs to focus our educational efforts and how to reach new customers.” 

The research finds many consumers simply don’t know how to buy and prepare seafood at home. Further complicating things many are also confused about the health benefits. 

“This project epitomizes SIRF’s goals of research and action,” said Mentzer. “The research portion highlighted consumer stumbling blocks and the videos actively cover these reservations, providing the consumer with information and practical knowledge.”

The online videos give viewers a synopsis of seafood’s health benefits and the various types of seafood available, in addition to demonstrations on various seafood preparation methods with advice on techniques and food safety.