American consumer likes to indulge in Sweets

The American consumer likes to indulge in sweets. While portions might be getting smaller and people may be more health conscious, there is no doubt that a majority of Americans still have a sweet tooth.

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According to Nielsen Perishable’s Group’s FreshFacts, for the 52 weeks ending June 29, 2013, Breakfast Bakery volume sales increases are driven by Muffins (+5.7%) and Sweet Goods (+4.7%) while the Dessert category increases are driven by cupcakes (+9.6%), Pies, (+9.1%) and Specialty Desserts (+5.6%).

Global influences, along with an ever expanding taste pallet for American consumers are trends that are evident in the bakery as well.  Specifically, Hispanic Sweet Goods volume sales are up +3.2%, Specialty Dessert Cakes are up +7.8% and Specialty Dessert sales are up +5.6% proving that sweet goods still sell and will continue to do so in the future.

Retailers can take advantage of the US consumer’s desire for sweets by understanding shoppers, innovating to create value beyond price and communicating that value to shoppers.