Instore departments, suppliers target kids instore, 8/13/2018 by Andy Nelson

Designed for adults, loved by kids

In March, La Farge, Wisconsin-based Organic Valley added  a grab ‘n go snack line to its product roster.

Organic Valley Snack Kits from Organic Valley, the largest U.S. organic farmers’ cooperative, feature cheese, crackers and meat in one pack. The line includes three varieties: sharp cheddar and summer sausage; pepper jack and summer sausage; and mozzarella and roasted garlic summer sausage.

The packs were designed with adults in mind, says Ellie France, Organic Valley’s brand manager for Meat, Snacks and Prepared Food. “We wanted to deliver premium, organic snacking to busy adults on-the-go,” France says.

The product tested great and, in its two months on the market, has generated lots of positive comment from that target demographic group, France says. But Organic Valley also has received unexpected feedback of a different kind. “We’re now hearing reports about adults purchasing these kits for their children for lunch, for snacks after school,” France says. 

While Organic Valley didn’t design the Snack Kits specifically for kids, the company did make it easy for all consumers to enjoy it, France says. “The tray is easy-open, and each compartment includes finger holes for easy access to the meat, cheese, and crackers,” she says. “No more dumping the tray over to get all the food out.”

The packs, which retail for a suggested $4.99, have 230 or fewer calories, pack 13 or 14 grams of protein and have nearly 40 percent less sodium than other, similar packs.

France says consumers are telling them how happy they are  to have an organic snack option that includes meat, cheese and crackers.  “And the quality is especially good,” she adds. “Our summer sausage is the best-selling organic sausage in the U.S., and our cheeses also regularly win awards for flavor and quality.” In addition, Organic Valley partnered with a top artisanal cracker maker for a “really excellent” stone-ground organic cracker, she says.

White Plains, New York-based  Sabra Dipping Co. is focused on positioning its grab ‘n go hummus and guacamole products, which come with pretzels, pita chips or tortilla chips, as convenient, better-for-you snacking options for the whole family, says Ryan Saghir, the company’s director of digital marketing.

Sabra Snackers and Sabra Singles are two such products that have been a hit with kids, Saghir says. “Sabra Snackers are great as a mid-day snack that will keep you going and you don’t have to feel bad about enjoying,” he says. “Sabra Singles are a convenient accompaniment to any lunch box, for both parents and kids alike.”

And there’s big room for growth in the category, Saghir says —for many consumers, hummus is still foreign territory. “Surprisingly, there’s still a lot of people in the U.S. that have not tried hummus,” he says. “Once parents see how much their kids love our hummus, it becomes a wholesome and delicious snack that the whole family can enjoy, especially with fresh veggies and delicious pita bread.”

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